I have been a Computer Graphic Designer/Videographer for several years. 

I graduated from "Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard" in Belgium in 2010, then, I have worked in Belgium and France as Freelancer, in Switzerland as computer graphics designer, filmmaker in a digital agency, a TV channel and a bank group.
I'm passionate about video, digital creation and innovation, webmarketing and asian culture.


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Phone:+41(0) 79 76 04 021 
Vimeo: Nicolas Bailleul |
Linkedin: Nicolas Bailleul

Ability Camera Gear List:

- Panasonic Lumix GH4-GH5
- Sony Z7
- Sony HVR
- Canon XH A1s

Video equipment:

Basic video equipment: ( click to see! )

- Tripod mefoto backpacker
- Zhiyun Crane V2 - TARION Magic Carbon Fiber Camera Stabilizer
- Kamerar Socom Shoulder Tripod
- Dslr Camvate gears (Cage)
- Viltrox DC-70 7'' Moniteur LCD extern
- Neewer® 20"/50cm NW-500 Rail Slider Video Stabilizer
- Movofilms MB-600 Camera Sunshade Matte Box with Flags (MF-MB-600)
- Dji Osmo Pro

-- Sound:
- Rode Videomic Pro
- Micro-Zoom H4n - H6 and redhead protection
- Tascam 70DR

Technical skills: Video editing, shooting, post production:

- Very good skills in video editing, filming.
- Good knowledge of rules of image composition, frames...realization.
- Post production in After Effects. Video editing in Final Cut and Premiere Pro.
- Knowledge of camera equipment and video DSLR (Panasonic GH5 - Osmo - Crane Zhiyun...)
- Greenbox /Chroma key compositing.
- Knowledge of video compression depending on requirements.
- Capacities in storyboarding and realization.

Technical skills - 3D:

- Good knowledge of 3D and 3dsmax tools for modeling (organic and geometric).
- Lighting, texturing, rigging, and animation.
- Knowledge of the technical constraints of low poly modeling for video games and real-time.

Technical skills - Webmastering :

- CMS WordPress and many plugins.
- CMS Ezpublish.
- SEO strategies with neilpatel, Majestic SEO, content, backlinks...
- Banners Html5...

Webmarketing skills:

- SEO ( rules content, backlinks rules, keywords strategies, audit...)
- Facebook Ads, Pixel Facebook, Google Ads, social medias, landingpages, E-commerce plugins with WordPress...
- Emailing/newsletters.

- Some experience with Adspy, Aweber, System IO, SG autorépondeur, landingpages...

Technical skills - DTP and Print :

- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Indesign tool


- Premiere Pro
- Final Cut
- Adobe After Effect ( Redgiant looks / videocopilot plugins: Particular, Element3D... )
- Adobe Photoshop - Lightroom
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe In Design
- Adobe notepad++
- Adobe Audition

- Adobe Encoder
- 3Dsmax
- Blender


-CSS,html, Mysql
- CMS WordPress
- CMS Ez Publish
- Aweber, System IO, Majestic SEO, Neil Patel
- Hype 3 ( motion design for banners htlm5  )

Experience and Education:

Connect-me on Linkedin: here

Some references:

- Le Routard: Interview with a French Travel Guide Book about my video made in Japan: (French)
Le Routard - Interview
- Interview Youtube with Greg about my videos during my travels (French)
Youtube interview








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